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In coversation Rupesh Gupta, Director, JM Housing

Please share your outlook on the Noida realty market?

Noida realty market has been one of the best performing real estate markets in the NCR and has got some of the best names in the builders’ fraternity present there. This makes it very competitive, wherein it makes very obvious on the grounds that optimum quality will be delivered at apt prices.

Please share brief about your ongoing projects? How many projects are you planning to launch in the current fiscal? What is your current land bank?

We are currently working on our under construction project JM Florence which is located in Greater Noida West. It is a very charming project which is going in full flourish and we expect to deliver it on time like our previous projects, JM Orchid and JM Aroma located at Sector 76 and Sector 75 respectively.

What challenges you expect in the given market conditions?

Challenges are many but the most hurting ones are the absence of a single window clearance system, the non accordance of industry status to the sector and the passing of the land bill are few to name. These cleared, the sector is sure to flourish.

Where you want to go from here in years to come? What vision guides your company?

Sky is the limit for every individual and firm. We have already set foot in front on the right note with the timely delivery of our previous projects and if things are afoot we wish to make a name for ourselves which will be synchronous with on time delivery.

 How do you see the government initiatives would help you achieve your vision?

The government is definitely working towards helping in ease of doing business. There are various steps which are being taken towards this like the including housing sector amongst 15 sectors being relaxed for FDI, AMRUT, Housing for all, Smart Cities Mission and various other initiatives being taken  which are making the market easy to work within.

Do you believe in mentorship? How has mentorship made a difference in your professional and personal life?

Yes, I do believe in mentorship. I personally feel that the presence of a guiding force is very necessary in a person’s life. The mentor need not be present in physical with you every time but the drive to match up to the expectations of your mentor is what makes you succeed at last. 

Many people regret not having enough time for the things they like. If you could add six hours onto every day, what would you do with the extra time?

Definitely give it towards building a better nation.

What are some of your top go-to spots that you would recommend to a friend/family member visiting?

Venice, Macau, Brussels, Lyon & Helsinki

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Reaching till where I am today can be counted as my greatest achievement till date but there is still time ahead and lots of it which definitely means that the best is yet to come. (fingers crossed)

What advice can you offer to the new age developers?

New age developers need to be sensitive towards the buyers. Its not the concept or the design that sells, its the work that sells.

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