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How important is Pressing the right button in real estate?

How important is Pressing the right button in real estate?

by Saket Pathak,

Interesting to see all real estate players are now moving to digital platforms in an effort to be abreast with the modern technology. But the question is are they doing enough to understand this pandora’s box! Digital is not only about working on social platforms and posting content on regular basis. It has a lot more to do with understanding the consumer behaviour, finding the right mix of a content to make your customers believe what you are saying and then making them press the right button to get the desired results. Looks easy, right!

Various researches suggest that today’s online generation witnesses around +280 ads and +500 content pieces per day. The registration time for your communication is less than 3 Sec and 5 words. So we are living in a world of 3/5 words. Surprising but true. So the role of right strategy mix is even far more important in today’s fast-moving digital world. Ask questions like why am I doing it? Why will someone see my content? What is that one thing which my customer would like to see in the content? What solutions am I offering to my customer? What format should I choose? If you are not getting right answers, then rethink your strategy and plan your content again.

Here are some current content examples, See how even the nice communications don’t get much interaction online:

Can we assess why even the big brands don’t get much attention online? Why even the necessary news pegs are missed by the users and they are not responding back to you or at least agree to your content?

The true value of today’s digital communication lies in assessing the right mix of a content strategy to reach out to your respective target audience and finding various platforms where your audiences are present. Because it’s all about pressing the right button.

A Branding and Marketing Strategist to the core, Saket’s forte lies in analyzing consumer behavior and then designing the apt digital marketing campaigns for the desired results. Having professional experience of more than 10 years, Saket has worked for various brands in sectors like education, pharmaceuticals, FMCG, infrastructure, consumer durables etc.

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