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Importance of Carpet Area under RERA – RealtyMyths

RERA RealtyMyths
The difference between carpet area, built-up area and super built-up area, how the developer misleads the buyer – how the carpet area was not disclosed accurately, future of real estate market in India due to the new provision under RERA regarding carpet area.

by Anushree Ghosh

The total area of a property is calculated in three ways –carpet area, built-up area, super built-up area. Therefore, the three areas can lead to a lot of confusion at times.

Here is how you must distinguish the three areas:

  • Carpet Area is the area enclosed within the walls,
  • Built-up Area is the carpet area and the outer wall thickness plus the balcony.
  • Super Built up Area is the sum of the built-up area and the proportionate area of common areas with respect to the area of the property.

While buying a property, the builder might mislead you if you are unaware of the parameters used for calculating the carpet area. Hence, there are numerous consumer cases registered where consumers are cheated, with respect to the carpet area. After RERA (Regulation and Development) Act came into existence, it is mandatory for the developer to declare the exact carpet area to the buyer.

An article published by the on 4th Feb 2019 quoted Gautam Chatterjee, Maharashtra RERA chairman:

“It is now mandatory for the developers of all ongoing projects, to disclose the size of their apartments, on the basis of carpet area (i.e., the area within four walls). This includes usable spaces, like a kitchen and toilets. This imparts clarity, which was not the case earlier.”

The redefined carpet area provision under RERA will act as a guideline for the developers and buyers. The earlier trend of including parking space, terrace and other common areas by developers will now be under control. Previously, the loss or gain of carpet area was never considered for some apartments and was always highly priced irrespective of their position; now the unethical developers will not be able to cheat on the declared area. Moreover, flats with the same carpet area and different super built-up areas will be approached differently.

With no hidden data about the total usable area, buyers will now be able to make a more stringent decision. Sharing the exact dimensions of the carpet area with the buyer will bring transparency in the system. Therefore, the ball is now in the buyer’s court, with more clarity comes confidence, real estate can soon witness a paradigm shift in a few months. We expect real estate to gradually come out of the stagnancy that prevailed over the sector after demonetization.

However, the act only makes it mandatory for the developer to disclose the total carpet area but the developer in no way responsible for fixing the property price based on the carpet area.

Anushree is a versatile writer, theater actress with an immense passion for any form of art. Her blogs will take you through the different horizons of infracultural storie.

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