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Hindutva or Development, Who will win Bhopal? – RealtyMyths


The Lok Sabha constituency of Bhopal, after the nomination of Sadhvi Pragya as the BJP candidate, has become very interesting. The political parties, both Congress and BJP, are busy playing their saffron card and are showcasing their strength through road shows involving Sadhus and Sanyasis. Among all the cities going for election in the 6th phase of the Lok Sabha Election 2019, Bhopal is indeed the one everyone is looking forward to.

Though the political parties may take any route to lure the voters, it is the responsibility of the voters to act smart and cast their votes in the favour of that candidate who shows intent to work for the betterment of the city and its infrastructure. The city infrastructure of Bhopal still needs much improvement. Though Bhopal finds its mention in the list of Smart Cities, and some development has also happened in the field of smart traffic management, smart street lighting and sewage treatment plants, city’s overall smart development is yet to take shape.

We urge the voters of Bhopal to use their wisdom why casting their vote on May 12th. May the best candidate win

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