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Highbar Technocrat Launches DocLife – An end-to-end solution for contracts related communication with the clients

Highbar Technocrat Unveils DDMS For The Construction Industry RealtyMyths

Highbar Technocrat Limited, a leading end-to-end Information and Technology (IT) solutions provider for the infrastructure and construction industries rolls out DocLife, a next-generation solution to streamline monotonous communication cycles and augment document management for enterprises.

Construction companies generate enormous communication every day, unique to different projects. The traditional ways to process communication are slow and prone to miscommunication, delays, and loss of information. DocLife ensures a better linkage of inward and outward communication with pre-defined templates to achieve a cohesive communication network. The solution offers 7 default levels to enhance the flexibility of workflow with minimum communication loss.

This on-premise & cloud-based platform also offers the means to achieve centralized document storage with project-specific access to information. It also allows the employees to personalize the folder structure according to the enterprise’s needs along with role-based authorization control. The employees can configure their systems according to document types and categories for simplified usage. All outward communications can be linked with inward communications & history can be tracked easily whenever it is required.

While conventional methods require multiple skilled resources to uniquely manage each project, DocLife allows a single resource to manage multiple projects with the new simplified communication chain.

Its escalation mechanism for un-replied incoming communication lowers the response time from the company’s part with intelligent features.

Present on the occasion, Mr. Ashok Wani, Head Technology and Innovation, said “Highbar Technocrat Limited has strengthened critical business processes for responsiveness and information security with intelligent solutions.  DocLife is a testament to that. The solution will be instrumental in reducing the person’s dependency on a project and minimize the risk of miscommunication. The solution effectively stores business-critical communication in a centralized manner and facilitates fast responses to keep outward communication going with no delays”.

“Its robust inward communication framework and features like mail alerts to stakeholders maintain transparency throughout the project”, he added.

The solution empowers enterprises with a central repository of contractual communication, ensures authorized control, and paces up the communication channels for faster business cycles.

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