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Gurugram Police gets N-95 masks to combat pollution

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In a bid to curb the effects of the rising Air Quality Index in Gurugram, Enviro- the facilities management wing of Vatika Group today distributed N-95 anti-pollution masks to Gurugram Police. The pollution reached a peak with the city recording an Air Quality Index (AQI) of 345, indicating ‘very poor’ air. Thus, to support better and safer breathing environment for the police who are at a high risk of respiratory and lung problems due to their prolonged exposure to toxic air, the company distributed these masks.

Kumari Priyanka, traffic police cop said, “We are thankful to Enviro for their initiative of distributing these masks that will help us in protecting ourselves from pollution.”

Gaurav Bhalla, Managing Director, Enviro (part of Vatika Group) said, “With the rising air pollution in the city, Enviro has armoured to fight the précis by helping the city’s cops breathe fresh. ‘Brave hearts’, the heroic society is being given N95 face masks by Enviro to battle the pollution and provide for a safer breathing experience.”

Vatika keeps working towards the environment and had previously embarked upon a large-scale tree plantation drive in New Gurugram. Enviro along with the Residents of New Gurugram, students from MatriKiran School had together planted 1, 00,000 trees. Vatika has already planted a total of 7 lakh trees, shrubs, and plants in the past 4 years.

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