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Do you feel like you are flawed? It is not wrong to be. People tend to carve themselves according to other people’s likes and dislikes. But in reality – true perfection lies in imperfection. Each and every one of us is unique in our own way. We all have our own unique personalities. How about we revel in our flaws and celebrate each one of them since there is nothing wrong with being unapologetically you.

Similarly, to celebrate the beauty of imperfections at home, why not do away from other’s ideas of a perfect home? Add your own personality to your décor and truly make your home your own.

Eye-catching geometry!

After being away from the limelight for about 3 years, geometric accents are back with a bang! Geometric patterns are a clever way to add a visual appeal to your home décor with a pop of modern design and have come a long way since. Geometric patterns give a symmetrical vibe to your space. These patterns create a subtle contrast that can complement and enhance a colour palette while looking incredibly modern and chic. Engineered wood floors also give you a break from the regular mainstream designs and provide an extraordinary appeal to your interiors.

Since patterns play such an important role in enriching your space, choosing a certain design that will seamlessly work with your interiors is extremely crucial. Choose a pattern that fits within your existing colour scheme, for example, create a herringbone pattern with Mikasa Floors with hints of navy blue and white colours. Herringbone pattern brings uniqueness to an already existing décor and helps make a statement with minimal effort. You can add metallic tints such as a mini table clock to complement the rest of the décor without making space look cluttered.

Monochromatic mosaic

Speaking of patterns, today you can decorate your home with a gorgeous marble pattern which will infuse a glamorous twist to your space. This marvellous marble design from Greenlam Laminates flawlessly depicts the perfect imperfection.

These designs seamlessly add contrast to an otherwise lighter room and provide the space with its own charisma. Create your own picture-perfect monochrome look by having black and white décor pieces to enhance the look and feel of the space. To top it up, decorate your interiors by adding a different pattern such as a diamond patterned seat and match it with similar accessories. You can add some metallic touch to these marble design because metals work with marble like magic. Metallic handles, doorknobs and legs for tables are the perfect way to add some extra glam to your space. These edgy patterns are sure to make your home look alive.

Minimalist bohemian

Bohemian designs are all about being yourself and looking natural. The style has gained popularity not only in the fashion world but also in the world of home décor. Colourful lanterns, low tables, floor cushions, walls with unique designs where you can choose whatever you like, and it is not necessary that things match. It is all about having a comfortable, natural and free-spirited look that resonates with your personality.

Switch to something grungier and rustic to give your space a retro appeal! Distressed veneers from Decowood can be your perfect partner to create this look. The textures in these veneers captivate your attention and seamlessly match with your bohemian accessories. Pair these decorations with lots of greenery to indulge in a more refreshed look. These veneers echo your personal style with a dash of pure panache while looking drop-dead gorgeous at the same time.

Every house becomes a home only when you add a little bit of yourself to it. So, this season, let your creativity fly and let your home show who you are.

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