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Are Green Buildings the solution to Energy Crisis?

Green Buildings - Solution to energy crisis - RealtyMyths

– by Anushree Ghosh

In the last few decades, energy consumption has increased multiple folds and despite several awareness campaigns, we don’t see a solution in the immediate future. The limited available energy resources are not enough for the mushrooming population and the excessive use of resources is hurting economies and obstructing the development in many countries. India, being a developing country still needs to pull up a lot of resources to avoid a crisis-like situation. We are already under the radar, as most of our population has recently been exposed to modern technology and with no restrictions, we are bound to overusing these resources, thus increasing the demand substantially.

To prevent unnecessary waste of resources and mitigate climate change, the need is to find a long-term solution, which can be achieved by replacing and reducing the use of non-renewable resources. More use of energy sources like wind, biomass, solar will help in curbing the situation. And, one of the most important ways to conserve energy is to work towards building Green Buildings – that seems to be the future of sustainable development.

Green buildings or eco-friendly buildings primarily focus on the efficient use of energy in & around the house. In many over-populated countries, a lot of energy is being used for supplying electricity to the people, but even the best efforts are not sufficient in fulfilling the demands. As a result, when coal, oil, and other such materials are used to emit energy, greenhouse gases emitted in the process affect our ozone-layer and adds to global warming. Therefore, the idea is to build houses in a way that it minimizes the requirement of electricity, then, people can happily perform their household chores with minimum wastage. This includes redesigning buildings that are more water-efficient, material efficient, and energy-efficient. These buildings minimize waste & optimize the need for maintenance.

Here’s how green buildings contribute to sustainable growth:

Recycled Material:

Materials like Recycled fly-ash from industrial furnaces, wood from recycling bottles, and concrete mixed with cement can be used that reduce the need for new raw materials and decrease waste.

Tankless Water Heaters:

These are hot water taps that produce water only when a tap is turned on. They save a lot of energy when compared to conventional heaters.

Solar Panels:

This is definitely an immensely useful method of conserving energy. Some households become self-sufficient and they don’t even need any extra energy.


Installing energy-efficient doors and windows and the use of lower volatile compounds are eco-friendly ways to maintain the temperature inside the house and reduce pollutants.

Green buildings not only vouch for eco-friendly benefits but also generate opportunities for better resale value because of the ever-increasing number of eco-conscious people.

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