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‘Go Local For Wholesome Nutrition’ suggest experts in ‘Sthaniya Aahram Sampannam Poshanam’ web symposium hosted by ICMR-National Institute of Nutrition and Tata Sampann

‘Go Local For Wholesome  Nutrition’ suggest experts in ‘Sthaniya Aahram Sampannam Poshanam’ web symposium hosted by ICMR-National Institute of Nutrition and Tata Sampann

September 30, 2020: With the Poshan Maah (Nutrition Month) coming to an end, the clear message delivered was- ‘Sthaniya Aaharam Sampannam Poshanam’ (Local Food For  Wholesome Nutrition), in a 2-day web-symposium  jointly held by Indian Council of Medical Research- National Institute of Nutrition and Tata Sampann.

The tone was set when in her inaugural address Dr. Hemalatha R, Director, ICMR- National Institute of Nutrition said “The National Institute of Nutrition (Indian Council of Medical Research), has been a strong proponent of dietary diversity and food based approach to tackle the problems of undernutrition, overnutrition and non-communicable diseases. Inadequate consumption of different food groups including fruit, vegetables, milk, protein rich foods could lead to a lot of health issues including micronutrient deficiencies which could in turn lead to inflammation, overweight, obesity, NCDs as well as undernutrition”. In her talk she also alluded to the need to be vocal for local foods.

A stellar line-up of speakers brought to the fore India’s rich and varied food wisdom and diversity in four panel discussions that covered a) Local food for Total Nutrition b) In pursuit of health, factors influencing food choices of today  c) Can convenience, taste and nutrition co-exist? d) The journey of Indian food and nutrition through history.

The eminent speakers addressed many questions that baffle consumers around food, while busting myths and sharing age-old wisdom and advice. The takeaway was that the grains, pulses, legumes, vegetables, fruits etc that one gets across regions in India, are packed with more than a punch to address nutritional demand of Indians.





Mr Sanjeev Kapoor, Chef onboard Tata Sampann, who was a part of the panel discussion on the history of Indian foods by ICMR-National instituite of Nutrition & Tata Sampann said  “When I got into this field, there was a difference between homemade food and restaurant food- as I got more into it, I realized that we are deriding the homemade food and giving more importance to restaurant food. We all have the knowledge about the benefits and goodness of various foods, but with time, some new fad comes in and we tend to forget the importance of the already existing ingredients and start taking it for granted!”

Ms. Richa Arora, President, Packaged Foods, Tata Consumer Products, India said “The Tata Sampann brand is committed to nutrition by bringing traditional Indian food wisdom to the modern Indian plate. Right from where we source, to how we deliver, we are focussed on delivering wholesome and complete nutritional superiority in every product, and  nothing but the best to the people of India. We are delighted to partner ICMR-NIN in the ‘Sthaniya Aaharam Sampannam Poshanam’ symposium that highlights the role of local Indian ingredients and their wholesome health benefits. The knowledge exchanged in this forum, on traditional food wisdom and the science behind it, is a great resource for consumer’s too to make the right food choices, full of nutrition and health.

With some of the best minds in health, food and nutrition coming together in engaging conversations, the symposium established that  Indians need to look no further than that food eaten across ages in our country for wholesome and complete poshan. Going back local foods and traditional, wholesome Indian thali can mean a return of the much-needed food diversity in our meals, which is a great way to address not just malnutrition, but also hidden hunger that is a growing concern for health in India.

Given below:

  1. Synopsis of each of the panels

About NIN

The ICMR- National Institute of Nutrition, in over a Century of glorious service to the nation, has an impressive record of achievements in the amelioration of several nutritional disorders in the country. Their evidence-based inputs on food and nutrient consumption patterns, micro and macronutrient values of various Indian foods, the recommendation of “my plate for the day” “Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA)” and “Dietary Guidelines for Indians” are the basis of many nutrition programs in India.

About Tata Sampann

Tata Group’s contribution to Nutrition programs comes in various ways. With Tata Sampann’s range of products, nutrition is part of every pack for consumers.  The product philosophy resonates in its name- ‘Sampann’- which is to deliver wholesome and complete nutritional superiority in every product. The brand believes in providing quality nutrition to its consumers. For more information, please visit

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