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From Brochures to Digital Media, Real Estate Marketing is Evolving

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“Digital media is slowly getting its importance in real estate sector as well. Developers have realized its potentials and are now keen to utilize it for brand promotion and awareness. Though the marketing managers have started using Facebook and Twitter, the real potential of digital media in real estate is yet to be explored”

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Souma Mukherjee

When the world is going gaga with the digital transformations real estate sector seems to put major effort to establish their digital grounds. Real estate sector has always been a follower in terms of adaption to technology. Brochures are still a major innovation here. In the last few years, real estate has shown some interest towards the digital platforms. Still you would rarely find a proper digital orientation and professionals in the real estate brands. Realty companies have barely set an example or a benchmark in the digital domain. The inception was from social media presence, further content marketing. Though there are few brands that have actually channelized the potential of digital media. Digital has empowered people to communicate to bigger brand at ease.

It has been observed that more than often builders lose interest subsequent to handing over possession to the customers. As a result, the resident or investor who has bought the property remains clueless about the developments in the vicinity and has to run from pillar to post for basic amenities in the area. This gap created necessity and thus, realtors are now moving a step forward towards digitization; their information is now just a click away. The move seems to be inspired by the call for digital India. This digitization offers information to prospective customers; current investors as well as residents who have moved into newly handed over projects. It creates a platform on which the developer and the customer can stay connected. This is a significant initiative in the field of customer service taken by the developers in the real estate industry.

Facebook and Twitter are the major platforms being utilized by the developers to connect with the customers. However, Facebook seems to be the preferred medium due to its wide presence and giving developers the opportunity to communicate via photographs, videos, etc. This gives a feel of an enhanced living experience to the residents of the township by keeping them engaged through online presence.

The residents of housing societies are not only able to access the information, but can even share their concerns. Going online with a redressal forum is a risky proposition with the kind of hyperactivity online portals face these days. But some realtors are taking this step to infuse a fresh wave of faith and belief in their residents. Some of the developers like DLF, M3M Group, Vatika share actual photographs, elevations, lifestyle videos of the development in and around their respective projects. They also post updates on current road networks and future connectivity planned by the government for the area. DLF assures a real time solution for the complaints through a dedicated team for complaint redressal; and monitoring the social platforms.

Ms. Monica Kalvani, AVP- Sales & Marketing, DLF stressing on the need to engage through social media said, ‘Social Media has brought about the dawn of a new age, an era in which one’s presence on the virtual world is not merely expected, rather considered a necessity. Taking a cue from this current scenario, DLF Gardencity has come up with its own Facebook page. It is a step to reaffirm the idea of DLF being a realtor which cares and believes in overall area development and customer satisfaction by effectively using this mechanism for customer grievance redressal also’.

Ms. Kalvani further stated,‘This is the gen next age where everything needs to be done at the click of a button.As a result, it is essential for realtors to move ahead with the times and adopt modern technology’.

Brands like M3M India have also geared up their approach towards using digital platforms. As per company’s spokesperson, “M3M has always been at the fore front when it comes to embracing new technology and we firmly believe Digital is the way to go. While we appreciate the importance of traditional modes of marketing, we strongly believe Digital Media will play increasingly important role in the times to come. We are in the midst of Digital Revolution and its importance is surely to increase manifold. We have recently revamped our website with latest technology making it accessible over various gadgets – desktops, laptops, handhelds; and operating systems. Mobile will play a key role in how people browse information and access it over the Internet and therefore, we have recently launched our own Mobile App to make information about all our projects easily accessible at the click of a button and at the same time, keeping things absolutely transparent. The share of spends on Digital Media in our overall Marketing mix is increasing every month and we will continue to embrace this trend. It has several advantages over traditional mediums – Accuracy, Measurability, RoI-centric and being flexible. At the same time, the digital landscape keeps changing very dynamically and we strive to keep ourselves abreast with latest developments and opportunities.”

Mr. Anupam Varshney, Head-Sales & Marketing at Vatika Ltd also recognizes the increasing importance of social and digital media. He shares, “Social Media in today’s market has become one of the strongest tools for promotions and for customer connects. Most of the people today are net savvy and regularly visit facebook, twitter, linkedin etc. Anyone looking to buy anything, inadvertently, goes on the net to search for the product. Therefore, presence on these platforms for reaching out the prospective buyers is of utmost importance. Social media, today, has become an important channel for quality lead generation by focusing on the right target group. It is not only important for getting in new buyers but is also very effective in maintaining that connect with existing clients who are the real brand ambassadors.”

Digitization means establishment of a complete framework that allows access to information through technology and would eventually replace physical centers. NRI’s and expats are extremely benefited by this initiative; as this enables them to not only have the facility to know about the latest happenings in their housing societies, rather they can participate in discussions and contribute to the same without actually being present at the location. Real estate sector, which is considered laggard in technology innovation adaptation, is slowly changing its perception. Almost all the developers now value digital media; it is just a matter of time when they will start using it as the strongest tool of marketing.

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