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Friendly entry to the bathroom for elderly at home

Senior citizens at home mean a lot of responsibility for the other family members. No matter how busy you are or are away from home most of the times, you cannot excuse or neglect your parents at home. Appointing the maid is only half job done. No matter how much your parent is dependent on the maid, an individual will always prefer to do certain things on own and this is why we have chosen the topic of constructing and making friendly bathrooms at home. The odd jobs have to be done independently, irrespective.

MythBuster Pooja, 

To begin with, it is important to have an attached bathroom in the room, so if you are planning to rent a house or buying your own home, keep this factor in mind. It will make life easier for the elderly in the house. We need it too, and so do the parents, because they tend to sleep less and may need to use the bathroom during the night. Walking in the dark inside the room can be a lot of hassle for them.

When you step inside the bathroom, make sure the flooring is non-slippery, which we anyways do, yet be sure you have the best surface material used on. Aside from safety, it should also be easy to maintain the bathroom space and keep it free from germs and bacteria. There are many options to tackle both, such as the cork flooring, which is like a cushioned floor surface to protect the delicate joints and bones and thus, ease the movement inside the bathroom. You can also try rubber flooring underfoot as it is easy to clean and good for the elderly habitat.

While most of us must be doing it, a western style toilet is a must and should be very clean, for as you grow older the immunity level drops, and so the risk of contracting urinary tract infection. Ideally, the designing should be such that the bathroom space should be compartmentalized, but this can be done only if you have space. A glass door can never the less be fitted even in a standard bathroom area of a 3 BHK flats model.

One can do a lot in a standard bathroom space and make life easy for the elderly at home. We now share few tips for you to do exactly what it is needed to achieve bathroom comfort at home.
  1. Have a soothing or the colour of choice to apply on the walls and the tiles of the bathroom. When it comes to home fashion, the concept of colourshas a different meaning altogether. There are certain shades which appeal to the mind, stimulating physical and mental relaxation both. One such combination is Grey and White which is widely used for serenity around us.
  2. Make sure you maintain things in proper order at home and use the bathroom shelve space in a calculated manner. Please place the essentials like soaps, shampoos, toothbrush or anything important to a personal methodically and ideally, always on the same shelf space. By doing this, you will considerably reduce the physical exertion inside the bathroom. It creates mental pressure and moments of anxiety if things are not accessible, in the routine.
  3. You can do a lot more for convenience and in comfort, for one does not necessarily require a big bathroom spread for fittings to stay in comfortably. Fit in bathroom accessories like a hand shower, an attached container of liquid soap, face wash and shampoo separately to the wall. This is not fancy at all but some necessities of a modern life and should be looked at seriously.
  4. Ideally, you should have a geyser fixed to the main running tap water and also the washbasin. Bathing under warm water relaxes the joints and the stiff muscles, for a calming effect.
  5. Use fragrance which again relaxes the mind of an individual. Don’t use something too decorative or strong so that it ends up giving an elderly a headache. Use something very soft and basic and a good way to approach is to search online for similar products.
  6. Last but perhaps the most crucial point is a fixed cushioned foldable seat fixed to the wall. Most of the old people at home suffer from arthritis or back posture problems and this is why, they need to sit, use a hand shower (there are spa showers available in the market), and just press the soap.

    It is nothing very special but only the basics we have shared with you, which have a great utility value as well as make the bathroom space stylishly comfortable and pleasing to the mind. Try now.

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