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Fans that add speed, and style to your homes

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By Rohit Mathur, President Fans, Usha International

Buying a ceiling fan was a no brainer till a few years back – if one needed a fan, one would walk into the neighborhood electrical shop and ask for the best one that would fit into one’s budget and trusted the salesman/ shop owner to give them the best in class fan for their home. Cut to today – the fan has moved up in life from its humble beginnings.

Ceiling fans today marry performance with design, offering a broad collection of designs, colors, shapes, and sizes, you just need to make the right choice as per your need and desire.  Here is a quick guide to help you choose a ceiling fan that adds not just air delivery but also a style element upping the style quotient of your home.

Also today, the fan is considered the safest way to cool the air, as it circulates fresh air improving the environment around us where we live in.

Size it Right

Like one buys clothes to fit one’s size, a room too must have a fan that fits it well. The size of the room/area in which the fan is to be installed is what dictates the appropriate size of fan needed to circulate the air properly. Fan size is measured by the sweep size of its blades whereas the room size is generally taken in square feet (in India). In the case of a bigger area, depending upon the shape of the room, one may look at installing two fans for better air circulation, rather than buying one big fan.

If you are choosing a fan for an outside area/porch with exposure to the elements – wind, rain, sun – or if you stay in an area with high moisture, today you have fans available with double coatings or paint, that are corrosion resistant as well as water, dirt, and scratch-resistant, and hence are easy to maintain.

Own your Style

Now that you know what size is suitable for your room, you can unleash your creative urges and choose a fan that appeals to you aesthetically in terms of color, design, finish – each of which reflects your personal style and stays relevant for many years to come. Besides the basic aesthetics of style and finish, you must pay close attention to the blade finish and canopy design of the fan – these should align with other aspects of room décor like doorknobs, cabinet pulls, handles, and/or the table lamps and furniture.

The Finishing Touch

There are a plethora of fans with colors and finishes to match a diverse range of interiors – from pastel to bright to metallic, to even dual-colored fans – there are options available to suit everyone’s style and sensibility. The one thing to be considered while choosing the color and finish is to ensure that it is in sync with the predominant color palette of your room. The color of a fan, when well-coordinated with the theme, adds a classic flamboyance that is an extension of your design sensibilities. To top up the convenience add a remote to the fan.

Picking a Performer

While the style quotient of a fan may be the priority to make your style statement, the performance is equally imperative. The fan’s performance is a function of its air circulation/delivery, and quality of the motor and sweep size for the room. Today, fans are manufactured to cater to a diverse range of style sensibilities without compromising their performance. They are engineered with precision- double ball bearings, multiple capacitors, and aerodynamically designed blades for higher air circulation and air delivery (measured in CMM).

Some of the other features you should look for while buying a fan include the sound dampeners for noise-free operation, highly permeable electric steel lamination, wobble-free operation, anti-dust, oil, water, and scratch-resistant matt and laminate finish blades. One must pay attention to the motor as well – decorative and premium fans are usually equipped with either a powerful precision-crafted motor or a DC motor which though a bit costlier, also offers more benefits like virtually silent operation, much smaller size making for lighter fans and a higher torque resulting in faster start-up speed, and the possibility of up to six different speeds, as well as being highly energy efficient prolonging the fan’s life span.

So now go out there and find a fan like a pro! And like American actor, Billy Baldwin said – “Be faithful to your taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style.”

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