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Experiential Marketing – The New Way to Sell Real Estate

Experiential Marketing – The New Way to Sell Real Estate
Rashmi Kohli, Sparrow

Rashmi Kohli, Director, Sparrow Interactive

With multitude of projects being launched by hundreds of developers of all segments, a real estate buyer often feel lost, ignored and confused. Such scenarios are not uncommon but soon this is all going to be passe and thing of past. With fast paced developments coming along all across the country, Marketers are looking at newer ways of wooing the prospects.  Moving from simple 3D renderings walkthrough animations being played on large format screens and miniature scale models that are ipad driven the next step and perhaps the most technologically advanced sales tool ever is experiential marketing.

Experiential marketing is an important change of the sales models that is set to change the way real estate industry sells. By allowing consumers to become active participants in a marketing initiative, marketers ensure not just sales, but a genuine long-lasting interest in the product, which further provides a word-of-mouth publicity.

The buyer market is being dominated by young adults, the generation that has grown with internet, keeps dabbling with technology and uses their tabs and mobile phones more than anything else for all their needs. Making use of digital platforms to create authentic relationships with such prospects, developers are now looking at strengthening their brand by creating experiences that give prospects an insight into their product.

So the next time you visit a sales office you may be pleasantly surprised with an environment that forms your connect with the brand, gives you opportunity to explore the property on your own on a muti-touch table while sipping a hot cappuccino, experiencing the flythrough of the property in a 5D environment that gives you an immersive experience and looking at your tower being formed virtually in thin air within a given development. What’s more is that the brochures will talk to you using augmented reality and so would the newspaper ads. And this is not all, you can expect walking back home with a framed picture of yourself standing in the property in question with your favourite star who happens to be a brand ambassador for the project. And we need to mention that before you reach your home you have everything about the property your mobile in form of an informative app pushed to you using Bluetooth enabled proximity marketing.

Real Estate Industry in the country holds a great promise and we are and shall remain committed to make sure that we keep in pace with industry demands and ever changing technology enabling real estate companies  sell better, sell faster and sell more efficiently. (Rashmi Kohli, Director, Sparrow Interactive)

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