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4 DIY Tips for Rainwater Harvesting At Your Home


-by Ankana Mitra

We all know that water is a crucial part of our lives, or it is better to say that ‘water’ is the alternate word for ‘life’. But what will happen if we lose all of it?

Due to the fast-paced urbanization in the country, we have concrete all around which restricts the rainwater from going back into the ground. Eventually, the rainwater gets flushed out to the drains and then to rivers and finally to the ocean. Hardly any portion gets into the groundwater. As a result, the groundwater level is going down drastically. The natural wetlands and water reservoirs are also decreasing day by day, causing problems like drought. To solve this problem, Rainwater harvesting is the most simple solution by which, one can easily accumulation and store the rainwater for reuse, at the time of water scarcity.

Here are the cost-friendly tips that help you to conserve water easily:

The Affordable DIY Rain Barrel


Make your rain barrel from a large old drum or a trash can. A rain barrel is the easiest way to use the rainwater fully. If you have a small and average size of the backyard, then this little container which is around 30 to 100 gallon can solve the problem of your water loss. It is mostly made up of plastic & wood. All you just need to do is to collect the rainwater on the roof or veranda of the house and screen the ends of the downpipe leading into the barrels.  Also, you need to prevent the barrel from becoming a mosquito breeding ground. By adding a tablespoon of vegetable oil to the stored rainwater. It coats the water’s surface and kills larvae by depriving them of oxygen. By making little holes in the upper half of the barrel, you can also allow the water to seep into the ground, thereby, maintain the groundwater level as well.


Build a Rain Saucer

Look like an upside-down umbrella, the rain saucer is the fast DIY method to collect rainwater without much trouble because this is the only rainwater collection system that can easily catch the rainwater droplets straight from the sky without any connection from the roof and fill up the water surprisingly faster.



Dig a pit on the ground

This is one of the best ways by which you can use your backyard fully to conserve the rainwater. All you need to do is to dig a pit in your backyard and connect the pit to the roof through a pipe. This cost-friendly method can provide drinking water to you and your family for several months. Again, by making some passage for the excess water to flow into the ground, you can also contribute in maintaining the groundwater level.

Splash Blocks

These are usually rectangular in shape specifically made up of concrete or plastic that create a specific path for the rainwater that falls on the roof and flows down through the drains. This is one of the best ideas to divert the flowing of rainwater in the right direction.




Instead of blaming the govt., it is time to take the problems tightly and contribute to the solve the water crisis. Through these DIY tips, you can become and responsible citizen and contribute towards a safer and brighter future.

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