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Digital Marketing will change the dynamics of Real Estate – Naveen Yadav,

Digital Marketing will change the dynamics of Real Estate
Naveen Yadav, AGM at 1st

Naveen Yadav, AGM at 1st

Naveen Yadav, AGM at 1st, has been associated with real estate since beginning of his career. Naveen started his career at Feet & Yards seven years ago. Having firm grip on the real estate market sentiments and understanding the value of digital marketing, Naveen shifted to, a technology driven property consultant firm. In conversation with team RealtyMyths, he discusses about how digital marketing is going to change the dynamics of real estate marketing in India. Below are the excerpts of the conversation.

Please tell us about and your role there. How do you look forward to use your expertise to help the brand grow? is a technology driven property consultant firm which provides a platform for property seekers who are looking for an unbiased advice. We are headquartered in Gurgaon and plan to spread ourselves worldwide by the end of FY 2016-17. Company will mark its presence in 8 cities in India (Gurgaon/Noida/Mumbai/Pune/Bangalore /Kolkata/Chennai/Jaipur) and 3 other countries (U.A.E/Singapore/U.K). We are working with a vision not to be No.1 player but to be the preferred choice for anyone who requires real estate services in India.
At 1st I am mainly taking care of the branding and sales. Since beginning of my career, I have been inclined towards sales and marketing. Handling different portfolios have given me the understanding and experience of the existing market.  We must accept the fact that online market is the future, even though we rarely have an end to end transaction in real estate but will happen someday soon. Working as a dealer helps me to have a variety in portfolio and further helps to have the right knowledge and sell it.

How is digital media changing the current market dynamics?

Digital is the future. It has consolidated the market and given the consumers the right filter to choose and compare. Technology has been successful to build around the right set of feasible options that can be available at any point of time. We have already seen that people are using online platforms to keep themselves informed. It is now one of the major lead generating hubs. As people get more involved, brands would engage more.

As a dealer why do you think that the consumers are not ready to purchase?

Honestly the market is picking up. People have started showing interest now with lucrative discounts provided by the builders. Consumers are waiting for prices to fall and this is causing delay in deals. Commercial space and rentals are also showing some spikes. We look forward to share the right information with our clients and review the property.

What challenges do you expect in your new role?

When I joined this dealer network I believed in this category. Challenges come when there is uncertainty in the market or with lack of understanding and knowledge about the sector. I have been associated with the market for long.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

I think if you start loving your work and continue to be in that profession, there is no better achievement than this. In this rat race people tend to lose their originality and become requirement oriented. They stop improvisation and innovation. We should all maintain our identity to have a perspective and an outlook in the market.

Many people regret not having enough time for the things they like. If you could add six hours onto every day, what would you do with the extra time?

Time is precious, but I always like to indulge myself in getting knowledge about the market and knowing different perspectives. Thus, I dedicate my time towards a better life.

 Are start-ups great place to work? Any advice you want to give to youngsters who look forward to work in a start-up?

Yes indeed, it is amazing to see people involve technology to solve problems with great zeal. Here we are a great enthusiastic young team who believes in the product and are working towards an objective. Start-ups are a great place to learn and start fresh. The only advice or a caution point I would like to share is that before joining anywhere, please check about the company, its funding, about the founders and the product. Look for sustainability and growth. Beginners should go for someone you look up to and learn the basics of the market before exploring their career with start-ups.

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