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Delays in construction: It’s time to make authorities responsible

by Pooja Bhatia
Time and again, buyers have encountered the problem in possession of the property. It happens mostly because of the delay in construction, in other words, delay in the completion of the project under development. Our natural instinct is to blame the property developer since they are the first to point of contact for us. However, the delay is because of the slow work being done in the construction of the housing society, for example. So, should we now hold the construction authorities responsible? Should we seek action against them?

Before we begin to do that, it is important for us to exactly understand the role of construction authority in the delivery of a housing project. It is important to know their importance.

The Indian real estate and construction industry play an important role in the infrastructure development of the country. It is a part of the big economic activity of India. It is the construction authority which has strong links with various industries including cement, steel, paints, chemicals, tiles, fixtures, fittings and so on.

Overall, it means that it is the construction company which has direct links to source the raw materials for constructing a property. It is THE link between sourcing inputs to build a home and then, delivering it to the developer as the final output. Therefore, any sort of delay in the delivery must be directly blamed on them. For, they are shouldering the complete execution of the construction of a single project.

However, we continue to hold the project developer responsible since they have sold each unit, based on their reputation and marketing muscle.  Still, it is crucial for us to understand the fact that project management involves various parties, people, processes and practices.

Project management, as a part of real estate development, involves ensuring that the construction is of optimum quality, done in time, is of expected design and within the cost budget.

Consider the point of quality in construction. It is an integrated part of our housing acceptance. Without the quality of construction, the delivery of the project is incomplete. Like the delay in possession, the sub-standard house is half job done.

Therefore, there is a need to highlight the role of construction authority in building the project. As a responsible buyer, we must inquire. We should also know more about the construction material, design and other things in close detail so that we exactly know that the house delivered is up to our expectations.

Perhaps, the project developer can make us more aware of the construction details. Also, initiatives like RERA digital interaction must include a construction player interaction, and a grievance cell for the buyers to report any shortcomings in quality or delay in construction. It is time when buyers and real estate industry representatives interact more frequently and deeply, thus bribing in transparency based on awareness and logical interpretation.

Pooja Bhatia is a property news enthusiast, who likes staying updated on business and corporate news, lifestyle at home, home interior elements, location insights and rest of the information, to make living better. She is also an avid traveler (a blogger on holidays) and an avid reader and a part of this real-time information, she converts into real estate enthusiasm.

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