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How to create the space between you and your in-laws

Staying with in-laws is perhaps a given in the Indian society. Even if you are not staying with your in-laws, they must be paying a long visit to your home and during that time, it is a different way of ordinary life. This article is not to comment on whether to stay with your parents is right or wrong, but it has everything do with living in the same house, which can be a small apartment, a medium size or big apartment and it can also be a duplex, a big bungalow for that matter. Today, we focus only on getting some privacy at home when you all live under the same roof, to avoid any attack on each other’s privacy.

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The newlyweds, for example, would enjoy reading this as much because as soon as you step into a new home, it should not worry you or scare you with a single thought, that how will I continue to get privacy. So here we are, requesting you to be a little wise and smart to make yourself and others comfortable at home. These are some simple to do’s, very basic in nature.

  1. No matter how big your house is, it is always good to stay in a room apart from the rest, like a corner room in a three bedroom apartment or a separate floor room in a duplex. It is a privacy bonus for you.
  2. Go searching in the corner, which is okay, and at the same time, make sure you have every facility like an attached bathroom or a balcony as a bonus to complement your privacy in the home.
  3. Always try to do the maximum personal chores inside your room. For example, keep your books, clothes, shoes, accessories, a mirror and anything which is personal to you inside the room to avoid venturing out of the room when you are getting ready. It depends upon how you describe privacy because getting ready requires a personal space, definitely.
  4. Your laptop, TV or any electronics which you personally spend time on should be inside the room. It gives you some private moments to cherish at leisure.
  5. Keep a mini-fridge inside the rooms like in a hotel. Now, we are not saying make your room like a hotel and ignore others at home. But, it can really get uncomfortable at times, if you do everything in the open. Couples can be shy of drinking beer together in front of the parents, right?
  6. Use window and door draperies and if you feel, you don’t need them then, think again. You need it because it is not a friendly idea to shut yourself inside the room. Go for thick fabric curtains to ensure some sense of privacy. A curtain, at the moment, may seem like a world to you.
  7. Minimalist furniture is trending and it is good to keep privacy. It is rather a polite way to keep people out of your room.
  8. Use the bathroom space economically. Try to arrange the personal stuff by constructing a cupboard space in the bathroom. It is every couple’s desire to keep their accessories to themselves, right?Having said that, you should always have time for your family and you can do so by spending constructive time with the family. Dinner is a good time to mingle and have pleasant conversations with every family member. Always have dinner in the dining hall, so avoid taking it to the bedroom. Also, once in a while, you can watch the TV or a movie together. Hope this helps you to work out things better at home.

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