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Connaught Place is the 4th Most Expensive Office Market in Asia Pacific.

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Hi Guys! Welcome back to the Weekly News Roundup. Let’s get started.

  • According to the Knight Frank’s Asia–Pacific Prime Office Rental Index for Q1 2019 Connaught Place is the 4th most expensive office market in the Asia Pacific.
  • Preliminary probe highlighted several defaults on the part of officials of the local municipal corporation and the builders that caused the devastating fire in Surat at a coaching class. They also detected that the structure was prone to fire incidents.
  • Haryana plans to operate a huge exercise to examine schools, coaching centres, colleges, hotels, cinema halls and other commercial areas across the state, to avert any fire tragedy.
  • The Delhi government declared new fire safety measures, which includes a ban on rooftop and basement kitchens and installing of carbon monoxide detectors, in the building by-laws. It also ordered the city fire services to carry out an ‘immediate inspection’.
  • The Municipal Corporation of Aurangabad has come up with a lucrative offer to promote the culture of rainwater harvesting. It is giving a 10% discount in the Property Tax to all those who have installed the rainwater harvesting mechanism in their houses.

That was all for this week, we’ll back next week with more updates. Until then stay updates and pay your to rent on time.

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