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Co-living Vs PG and Hostel: What’s the best option for students?

Co-living Vs PG and Hostel: What's the best option for students? RealtyMyths

– by Arti Choudhary

Student life is not so easy especially for those who stay away from their homes. There is hardly a choice for them either go to hostel or PG but at the same time, most of the students will agree that the service or the food provided at hostels or PGs are the worst and do not stand anywhere on their expectations.

If not hostel or PG then where else to go? One of the fastest-growing trends in the developed world is Communal living or Co-Living. It is way better than living in hostels or PGs.

Do you still find it hard to decide which one will be the better option for a convenient living? Don’t worry then, the following are some factors that will help you opt the best according to your needs.


It is impossible to control your expenses while you are staying away from your home. But being honest, though hostels and PGs said to be the best and affordable option, when you compare the facilities with the cost it totally disappoints. Whereas, co-living is one answer to insane rents, Greedy landowners, and high-security money.


It is always better to find a place that offers a high amount of security. Though hostels and PGs offer pretty good security but sometimes it is mixed with restrictions. Living with your roommate can be great in terms of social security but you have no idea what kind of roommate you will be sharing the room with and none of the hostel or PG guarantees with that. Co-Living gives you a wonderful opportunity to live with the people you want, and you complete freedom to do what you wish for.


The most essential thing for a living, but you might agree that hostels and PGs offer the food as a service to completely destroy your taste buds. In fact, food is one of the main reasons why 70% of people quit from PGs and Hostels. On the other hand, though Co-Living doesn’t offer you cooked food, a great place to cook in.


Staying in hostel and PG can be more chaotic for those who are used to comfortable personal space because you will feel that thing lacking around while sharing a single room between 2 and more people tends to do that to privacy.

Co-Live homes are comfortable and they include dedicated spaces (personal & sharing). Hence when you need privacy, head to your own personal space.


Hostel and PGs are full of restrictions, from to lights late at night to no late coming and no outside food in the hostel’s premises. Co-living is free and comfortable.

So, now you know what is best as per your needs, hostels and PGs are good at some point but in terms of privacy, food quality, boundation/restriction free life and security, no hostel and PG can surpass Co-living.

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