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CBRE launches its Foundation – ‘CBRE Cares’ in India

CBRE launches its Foundation – ‘CBRE Cares’ in India RealtyMyths

CBRE South Asia Pvt. Ltd, world’s leading real estate consulting firm, today announced the launch of its foundation ‘CBRE Cares’ – the firm’s corporate philanthropy program- in India and pledged its efforts to address the health and nutrition-related concerns of the migrant laborer and their families (women and children) across various locations in the country. The launch of CBRE Cares also coincides with the completion of 25 successful years of CBRE in the country.

The India-edition of the global program CBRE Cares – Ek Pehal was launched by Mr. Robert E. Sulentic, President & Chief Executive Officer of CBRE Group, Inc. and Mr. Anshuman Magazine, Chairman and CEO, India, South East Asia, Middle East, and Africa.

As per the statistics of the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO), the construction sector is the third-largest employer in the country accounting for close to 50 million people. A major proportion of this is constituted by migrant laborers and their families who often don’t have access to basic health services, hygienic environment, and awareness and suffer from a high level of malnutrition and exposure to an unsafe environment. The program “Ek Pahal” has been designed to bridge the wide gap towards access to basic healthcare by migrant workers and their family members.

Addressing the gathering during the launch of the program, Mr. Sulentic said, “Making a difference is the hallmark of the CBRE Cares program and the “Ek Pehal” initiative will aim at bringing positive changes in the lives of migrant workers and their families at various locations. In CBRE, we strongly believe in giving back to the community and I am sure Ek Pehal will motivate others to join this noble cause,” he said.

Commenting on the launch of Mr. Anshuman Magazine, Chairman and CEO, India, South East Asia, Middle East, and Africa, CBRE said, “It’s a matter of pride for us to bring CBRE Foundation into India. It is our responsibility to support the migrant laborers and Ek Pehal initiatives are just a beginning towards a bigger objective. We are sure it will be recognized for its contribution.”

In the coming months, CBRE will collaborate with a charitable organization to achieve the larger objectives of CBRE Cares. The key consideration for selecting a charitable organization will be its ability to undertake projects at a national level and engage with migrant workers, understanding their concerns and addressing the health and nutrition concerns of their families.

Some issues which are faced by migrant workers in the country include – neglect, unsafe environment, malnutrition, instability, drop out from school, lack of access to quality healthcare and nutrition, lack of hope for a different or better life.


Every life has an equal right to good quality health care and nutrition. Today millions of migrant workers and their families are surrounded by poverty, illness, and despair; they are fighting a daily battle for their survival. Our mission is to give them a chance to lift themselves out of hunger and malnutrition.

CBRE Cares aligned with CBRE Foundation, a nonprofit, public benefit corporation that funds our company’s philanthropic initiatives has pledged its efforts to address the health and nutrition-related concerns of migrant workers & their families (especially women and children) living in and around the various construction sites in India.

The first edition of CBRE Cares – “Ek Pehal” is a small beginning towards transforming the lives of those with the greatest needs. As part of this initiative, we will visit slums/ jhuggis around the various construction sites and offer health & nutrition services to the migrant workers and their families. We will bring together social workers, doctors, and counselors who will ensure the health and well-being of children, adolescents, and women living in and around these sites.

We believe each one of us can make a difference. In the coming months, CBRE will collaborate with government, corporates and nonprofit organizations to help execute the plan on-ground and further strengthen the reach across the country.

Together we can bring hope in their lives, together we can bring a change and make it last.

सभी के लिए समान स्वास्थ्य, समान पोषण

Equal Health, Equal Nutrition for all

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