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‘Building’ the future: Best Architecture Colleges of India

architecture collegesB.Kaur

With the robust rise in the urban population of cities within a short span and an expected double-fold rise, the planning and urban design of the city has acquired supreme importance and concern by the architects and city planners alike. Based on this expected growth in population and a number of influences in the form of politics, industrial bodies, social constraints and other commercial factors, a city’s skyline and urban design is brought to life through exorbitant planning by a group of talented and visionary architects and landscape planners who shape the future of cities and communities across the globe.

Offering a unique blend of Design, Culture, Science and Technology, courses in Architecture are the source to providing people with the apt skills and knowledge which is specific to design and producing buildings of any nature, ranging from the sky-kissing office towers, private homes, well-designed hotels, archaic shopping centres, etc. Architecture courses in India have gradually gained ground and are being valued as a prestigious career in itself. These courses place rigorous emphasis on technical, social, aesthetic and ethical elements and involve a great deal of both, theory and practical knowledge. A degree in Architecture may require as long as a duration of about 5 years, involving a lot of on field training through internships. Specializations in this field may range from landscape architecture, industrial and urban design, town planning, environmental planning, and transport planning, etc.

A few of the best colleges in India which offer courses in Architecture have been listed below:

Architecture CollegesSir J.J. College of Architecture, Mumbai
Affiliated to the University of Mumbai, Sir J.J. College of Architecture is recognized all over the world for its valued courses in Architecture and its developed infrastructure and state of the art facilities offered to its students. The College offers both, graduate as well as post-graduate courses.

Architecture CollegesChandigarh College of Architecture, Chandigarh

Established in 1961, this college offers a degree in Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch). The foundation of the college was laid by the well-known architect of the most planned city, Le Corbusier.

Architecture CollegesDepartment of Architecture & Planning, IIT Roorkee

Having gained recognition by the Indian Institute of Architects in December 1961, the course offered by the Department of Architecture and Planning at IIT Roorkee, has been one of the first courses in India to come up with a Masters degree course in Architecture (M. Arch.), which later on went on to being a Masters Degree in Urban and Rural Planning (MURP).

Architecture CollegesDepartment of Architecture, NIT Tiruchirapalli

The National Institute of Technology (formerly known as Regional Engineering College) Tiruchirappalli, was initially an effort of a joint and co-operative venture of the Government of India and the Government of Tamil Nadu in 1964. The underlying objective of building this establishment was to meet the needs of man-power in technology for the country. The institution offers Under Graduate Courses in ten branches and Post Graduate Courses in Architecture.

Architecture CollegesR V School of Architecture, RVCE, Bangalore

Established in 1992, the R V School of Architecture was nurtured by eminent Architectural Educationists. The institution has time and again received accolades and recognition for providing quality education in architecture. The main emphasis here, is placed on integrating art, science and technology for the development of student’s aptitude towards architecture.

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