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Bollywood stars – The other side of the wall

Bollywood stars – The other side of the wall
“Bollywood stars, the larger than life characters too, want their own private space to spend time with their loved ones. We call that space as Home. Indeed, being celebrities, their taste and flavor do reflect from their homes as well. Let’s peep into some of such homes”
Souma Mukherjee

Firstly, celebrities are human. Though, idol worship has always been a convenient option to preach.  Home of celebrities (the true one’s I mean) have been a place of worship. Thousands of visitors all around the country make a visit to get a glance. We always imagine what goes on the other side of the wall? A Mecca for fans while a home for the other. A space that defines their inner self, freedom, and peace. After an all-day long hectic schedule, a space is what they look for.  Leading a life with watchdogs around makes a celebrity struggle to stay or live the normal way. Lifestyle and status quotient is what people discuss. Thus, they live to SUSTAIN! Home is a space of familiar walls, moments, friends, and relationships where acting stops and reality strikes. The place of real being (Being human too).  Quite a few times people use them as a prop to garner attention, while sometimes a publicity stunt makes people go gaga.

Recently, Parineeti Chopra expressed with Architecture Digest about the affection towards her sea faced apartment in Bandra, Mumbai. The interior expresses her nature, passion and style. Her childhood games, scribbles, paintings, memories are all alive on her walls.

Other Famous Celebrity Mansions

Jalsa, Risthey mein toh hum tumare baap lagtey hain! {The Big B’ Den}

amitabh jalsa realtymyths

Mannat – King Khan Palace, Live life…kkkkking size

shahrukh mannat realtymyths

Bhai ka Elaka!

salman with fans realtymyths

Aamir ‘The Perfectionist’ keeps it perfect

amir at home realtymyths

Akshay Kumar’s Mansion – The Khiladi stays here!

akshay kumar mansion realtymyths

Finally, John steals the show

john home swimming pool realtymyths

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