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Bobby Mukherji and Associates revamps the Atrium Lounge – RealtyMyths

Taj Lands End RealtyMyths

Bobby Mukherji & Associates have designed The Atrium Lounge at The Taj Lands End in Mumbai. This spacious and relaxing lounge is often referred to as the heart of the Hotel with an Intimate yet opulent ambience. The bar is undoubtedly the cynosure of the space donning wood and gold with bevelled mirror. As they say in the ‘boutique-hotel’ world, what’s old is new again

Located at the heart of Taj Lands End, the effervescent Atrium Bar & Lounge offers a welcoming retreat from the bustling city life. With an intimate ambience accompanied by attentive service, it serves a wide selection of first flush teas and single origin coffees along with signature smoothies whipped up for your every mood. For aficionados, eager to experience the finest, Atrium offers the largest selection of whiskeys and spirits from across the world along with iconic concoctions definitive of the Golden Age. Reminiscent of the ocean and Mumbai’s dynamic culture, the Atrium Bar & Lounge invites guests to experience the city on their plates while you watch the sunset over Bandra’s charming seascape.

Outfitted in a grayscale palette with notes of champagne, wood, and chocolate signifies a thorough grounding in traditional luxury, resolutely confirmed by the look and feel of the bar back and counter with cigar displays flanked on either side, where the look is perfect, tastefully restrained (nearly monochrome colour schemes with dark lacquered furniture against muted backgrounds).

Bobby Mukherji, Chairman & Founder, BM&A said, “The Atrium Lounge has always been popular among its customer base as a place to not only conduct business meetings but to also relax. When we discussed with the officials at The Taj, we decided to create this bar which would not only be a functional bar but also a work of art. Being so close to the sea, we designed the bar inspired by the waves of the ocean and its organic nature to compliment new age vintage charm.”

From The Gateway to India to some of the grandest colonial-era architecture on the planet, Mumbai erstwhile Bombay feature prominently on many an itinerary. Make yours unique by experiencing The Atrium Lounge at The Taj Lands End in Bandra, Mumbai.

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