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5 amazing hotel architectures of India.


With every hotel claiming to be at the top of the design hierarchy, the term design seems to have lost its much deserving gravitas in the hospitality industry. Only a few of the many hotels present on this multi-cultural land do justice to the names of world famous architects and designers whose thinking went into the creation of these monumental experiences. Not only the beauty of the vibrant décor put to use, but the flawless placement and creation of architecture on and around the building alongside the constant dialogue which it holds with its natural surroundings which complement the look and feel of the property as a whole, goes into deciding the best designed hotel.

A few of the many such hotels present in India are listed below:

pool-sideOberoi Amarvillas

One can feel the exotic grandeur of India that has been captured in the work of Bombay based architect, Prabhat Patki and the Malaysian firm, named Teo + Wilkes Design Works. Amongst many of its luxury hotels, the Oberoi Amarvillas is perhaps one of the Oberoi Group’s best properties in India, with its extreme proximity to one of the seven wonders of the world – the Taj Mahal. Giving out the feeling of a Mughal miniature, the hotel very beautifully complements the shimmering marble dome standing close to it. The architecture used involves the use of traditional designing sending out a brilliant mix of Asian and Indian repercussions. Its breathtaking entrance leaves one awing simply upon entering the beauty. Fountains, stone bridges, tall pillars, tiled floors, huge arched windows and a beautifying geometrically painted dome alongside an exquisite tea lounge with a French accent encapsulates the grandeur of the palace like structure. Its opulent furnishings and special finishing given to the walls are a treat to its guests.

360Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur

This eighteen century old jewel is a marvel of architectures. The iconic white marble palace is a part of the man-made island which floats in the middle of Lake Pichola. Its majestic architecture beckons one to appreciate the beauty of its creator. Adorned with intricately carved wooden furniture and well-appointed silk fabrics, its magnificent corridors, open-air courtyards, domes which are inlaid with stones and mirrors, hand-painted motifs, swings and mosaics are mesmerizing in nature. The heritage property also has special area dedicated to well-designed games room and a bar. The courtyard in the hotel is one of the major attractions. The hotel’s splendid beauty is well expressed in its interiors.

umaid-bhawan-palace-625-300_625x300_41453378193Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur

Mounted above the desert capital of Jodhpur, this enchanting luxury heritage hotel promises to leave its guests spellbound with its exquisite architecture and beauty. Also named as the ‘the world’s best hotel of 2016’, Jodhpur’s Umaid Bhawan Palace is a prodigal mix of the western and eastern design, carved in golden sandstone the property projects Art Deco influences alongside strokes of Rajput architecture. The magnificence of the hotel is well founded on its opulent marble flooring across the hotel, princely staircases, grand gardens, rich interiors, exotic murals and intricate details.

_dsc2577_custom_inside_1466680129Pullman, New Delhi Aerocity

A look away from all heritage hotels would bring us to some of the finest business and leisure hotel architectures which create a niche area of its own in the realm of architecture. One such fine example of business hotel is located in the heart of Delhi’s Aerocity, namely the Pullman New Delhi Aerocity. The property oozes of the cosmopolitan feel with prime urbane interiors best suited to the tastes of the international guests. The main attraction of the hotel lies in its captivating 6000 rain drop lights shower installation located in the lobby of the hotel which tries to replicate the moves of a dancing peacock during monsoon. Designed by Meriem Hall, a renowned part of the famous Meriem Hall Designs, a Singapore based firm, the hotel constitutes some of the most exotic colours to highlight the beauty of its architectural adornments through its peacock colour arrangement. The theme can be consistently observed throughout the chic interiors of the hotel. The rooms are a mix of browns and flashes of gold lending them a joyous look.

080115155923-hotel1-1The Park, Hyderabad

A royal gem in disguise, this property does not cease to teleport one into its rapturous beauty. The meticulously designed hotel’s façade leaves one awestruck simply upon coming close to the property. It has been designed so to resemble the precious metalwork found in a Nizam’s jewelry. Unfolding contemporary luxury, The Park, Hyderabad, blurs the line between art and architecture. Its vibrant fusion of colour, art and texture lends it a profoundly corporal image. Another important feature which the hotel exhibits in terms of its architecture is its commitment towards ecology as it is a LEED certified property and a green building.

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