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Bangalore Leads Real Estate Revival

Bangalore housing sales rose by 80% in Q1 2019 against Q1 2017, unsold stock declined by 44%. City’s inventory overhang declined from 42 months in Q1 2017 to 15 months by Q1 2019 end; new supply rose by a mere 39%. 31% NRIs see Bangalore as most preferred city for investment – ANAROCK Consumer Sentiment Survey


Anuj Puri, Chairman – ANAROCK Property Consultants

by Anuj Puri

As per ANAROCK data, Bangalore has been one of the most active residential markets over the last two years with overall housing sales rising by 80% in Q1 2019 against the same period in 2017 while the overall unsold stock declined by a whopping 44% during the same period – the maximum among top cities.



Housing Sales (Units) – Top 7 cities

Unsold Stock (Units) – Top 7 cities

With rising sales across the city backed by rising consumer demand, Bangalore’s inventory overhang declined from 42 months in Q1 2017 to merely 15 months as on Q1 2019 end. At any given point, an inventory overhang within 18 months is considered a healthy market.

Inventory Overhang – Top 7 cities

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