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Ask your home to take a chill pill


Anushree Ghosh

Summers are generally not considered romantic but the stretched out days are miles away from the winter lethargy and rainy roadblocks.  The charm of the season is in its brightness, dappling shadows, melting pots, ice creams, and water bodies; but the love could be easily overshadowed by the scorching ‘heat effects’. The rising mercury can make you dizzy and uncomfortable at times. Then, at least your home should be the hiding place that chills your nerves and keeps you cool. And, there are certain ways to restrict heat from entering your place.

Summer homes are incredibly equipped in maintaining the coolness inside the premises. They are built to efficiently use energy. They are mostly made of wood which is an excellent insulator that helps to maintain the temperature inside the home.

Here are a few DIY tips to keep the heat away –

Limit the Heat

  • Cover all the rooms that are directly or indirectly exposed to the sunrays. Draw curtains, keep the windows closed during the day to keep the rooms dark.
  • Use films to protect the window glasses to minimize the heat but would not restrict the sunlight to enter.
  • Switch off the electrical appliances that are not being used. They emit a lot of heat energy in your surroundings.

Hack The Cooling Trick

Yes, the invention of AC is a bliss but the simple trick of placing an ice bowl at an angle near the fan from where the air is directed back to the room will do the needful.  You can also try to hang a wet sheet of cloth in front of the window at night to let the air cool before it comes to you from outside.

Change The Bedding  

Use materials like cotton that does not trap your body heat in any form. Also, spending on a buckwheat pillow would help you go easy in summers, as they have air spaces between them.

Use the Floor

Hot air rises up, so try to sleep low, put the mattresses on the floor if the beds radiating too much heat.

Plant Trees

Grow houseplants in your balcony and near the windows.  For example,  aloe vera is an efficient air cooler and removes formaldehyde from the air. Grow vines and creepers along the railings and keep your surroundings at least 20 degrees cooler.

Rearrange Your Room

A lot of furniture in one room can make it clumsy and hot. So, move the unwanted stuff outside to let the air circulate.

 Paint The Roof White

We know that white reflects light instead of absorbing them, so it makes sense to use heat reflective white paint to cover the floor of the terrace.

Use Dehumidifier

Hotness and humidity should never collaborate. Thus, a dehumidifier takes away all the humidity, relieving you from the deadly combination.

Anushree is a versatile writer, theatre actress with an immense passion for any form of art. Her blogs will take you through the different horizons of infracultural stories.

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