About Us

About Us


RealtyMyths.Com is India’s first real estate interactive platform that generates value for all the stakeholders. Incorporated in the year 2013, RealtyMyths.com has been actively working to provide information about the industry to help make better decisions. The platform also helps the brand to reach its respective customers by advocating about their products or services available in the market.

Key highlights of the platform:

  1. A credible information source for the past 6 years
  2. Successfully covered over 250+ brands for their online content needs
  3. Covering over 25+ branded content per month (Avg.)
  4. Only platform which does independent podcast + Expert Panel Podcast + Interview Podcast
  5. A dedicated marketing research team with over 15+ years of domain experience
  6. 200+ active members contributing to various discussions on RM
  7. Working relations with 200+ PR agencies
  8. Recognized as the voice of consumers with campaigns like – “Wake Up India”, “Irresponsible Capital”, “Thank You Builders” and “Chalo Yojna Banaye

Over a period of time, RealtyMyths.com has emerged as the leading voice of industry and consumer, both. All our campaigns were well received by our avid readers and thinkers of society.

What all we do?

  1. We Publish Brand/ Industry News Stories
  2. We do opinion articles
  3. We do podcasts and video content
  4. We do forum discussions around various myths of the industry and market
  5. We publish public shared content
  6. We do less on the ground but more investigative content
  7. We do trends and & Forecasts
  8. We do thought leadership events

In a nutshell, our aim is to break all kinds of myths spread within the industry and educate our readers to make better decisions.

For Business / Editorial requirements, please connect at realtymyths@gmail.com or call at 9999966504