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5 Tips for decorating the living room – RealtyMyths

The living room is the most important part of a house and is open to all, mostly. It, therefore, should look good and represent your class.

Living room decor RealtyMyths

by Ankana Mitra

The living room is the heart of the house, which is why when it comes to renovating the area you can’t just put together random things. You need a proper theme, and most importantly guidance for decorating your living room. This area is the showcase of your creativity and representative of your entire house. Also, it has to be equally functional. This is where your guests, be it formal or informal, friends and relatives come first, and it is your first chance to impress them; as no matter how cliché it sounds but the first impression is the last impression after all.  But we understand that getting the look is just not an easy task, that’s why here are the tips that can help you to start with your living room décor right away:

RealtyMyths Home DecorFix your Furniture:
Selecting and placing the furniture is undoubtedly a daunting task, yet is a significant step while decorating the living room. The first step is to find the focal point of the room and then remember to not place couch against the wall. There should be a few inches between the walls and backs of the sofa. Also, since it is the place where people sit and talk, it should come naturally in the room; all you need to do is create a conversation area.

Add Area Rugs:RealtyMyths Home Decor Ideas
Rugs create a visual trail that draws the eye to connecting rooms. But before you buy, you have to make sure that your rugs are of the right size, otherwise, it can make your room look either congested or disjointed. Some of the trending area rugs in 2019 are chevron, cowhides, Moroccan, Loud & Geometric, a rug in the layered pattern, etc.

RealtyMyths Home Decor WallsFill your walls:
Empty walls signify blues, whereas decorative walls indicate happiness and liveliness. You can fill your walls with many things & give it a cohesive look. Fix slabs on the wall and place plants of centrepieces, you can even hang a rug. Funky lamps on the wall are the new trend. This will really lift up the mood of anyone who will enter your living room.

Play with Paints:RealtyMyths Home Decor Wall Paint
If there’s one thing that most people do wrong, is to choose the colour first and then the furniture. Painting is easy & cost effective but it is painful. So what you can do is, create a theme then find the suitable stuff for the room and then go for the colour of the room.

Home Decor Trends RealtyMythsDrop the draperies:
Blinds & curtain are very important to give your living space a comfortable & elegant atmosphere. Before choosing curtains for your room, make sure that it should match with your overall décor. But if your wall colour is white then you are lucky enough to choose any light pastel shade for curtains which gives a soothing vide to your room and will allow maximum natural light.

The above tips will make your home look elegant as well as trendy for 2019. If you are looking for a quick way to transform the living room, then go for it.

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